Project Delistings August 2019

Project Delistings August 2019

01 Aug, 2019 697 Altmarkets General
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The following projects will be removed from Altmarkets on 15th August 2019 00:00 GMT London, Please remove all balances of these coins to personal wallets or alternative exchanges to your preference.

All remaining balances will be destroyed.

Project Ticker
APR Coin - Added May 16th (77 Days) APR
Benex Token - Added April 20th (103 Days) BNX
Bitcoin Rebooted - Added April 2nd (121 Days) BOOT
Calvary Coin - Added Jan 8th (205 Days) CVC
Electronic Gulden - Added March 20th (134 Days) EFL
GPT Cash - Added March 4th (150 Days) GPTC
LEGN Legion - Added March 30th (123 days) LEGN
Give Hope Coin - Added April 2nd (121 Days) HOPC
HUZU - Added Jan 13th (211 Days) HUZU
JemCash - Added May 10th (83 Days) JEM
V8 Coin - Added May 3rd (100 Days) V8
ZCore - Added May 5th (98 Days) ZCORE
Zeon - Added April 16th (106 Days) ZEON

Why do we remove coins?

Each coin we list at Altmarkets takes resources, we ask all projects / teams to follow our simple guidelines and meet a nominal amount of trades over a specific period in order to keep their project listed on the exchange, full information and guidelines can be found here

A coin/token/project maybe removed for a number of reasons, broken blockchains, zero trading activity / little to no social activity or the project has simply been abandoned. We do our best to be leniant as an exchange in keeping projects listed as long as possible and in many cases give a longer time period for them to be listed, even if they are not meeting requirements.