Altmarkets to List BCM (BitcoinMoney)

Altmarkets to List BCM (BitcoinMoney)

14 Aug, 2019 576 Listings
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Altmarkets is to list BCM (BitcoinMoney) on the exchange,

Synopsis "Here is your second chance to mine Bitcoin. For those who were around since 2009 but did not take action mining Bitcoin, this is another opportunity. Bitcoin Money just launched, absolutely worthless, No ICO and you cannot trade it for fiat so there's no chance of being scammed. There's absolutely no risk here, at the very least, go mine some coin and send it to family and friends to HODL. This is a chance to get on the ground floor, with no risk other than mining, so don't let this one pass you by!"


Announcements to follow with this listing, follow it's discord channel via :