Removal of Abandoned Projects, ExecuteCoin, Natiscoine, GOCash, NewYorkCoin

Removal of Abandoned Projects, ExecuteCoin, Natiscoine, GOCash, NewYorkCoin

19 Aug, 2019 493 Listings
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It has come to our attention that we have currently listed three projects on Altmarkets that now have dead chains, zero community engagement and/or no response from the developer contacts.

We aim to keep Altmarkets running as smooth as possible, with such projects being listed this just simply adds further strain onto the server resources.

The following projects are to be removed with immediate affect:

  • ExecuteCoin (XCQ)
    Website Down, No Explorer, Broken Chain, No developer response (
    Source Links ANN)
  • Natiscoine (NAT)
    Block explorer URL fails (, Zero community development or Project Team response, Broken Chain (Source Links ANN)
  • GOCash (GOCASH)
    Assumed a now abandoned project, Broken chain, Zero developer feedback for 6 weeks (
    Source Links ANN)
  • NewYork Coin (NYC) - 
    NYC has been on our list, Reached out twice to the known project lead, issues with wallet and dependancies and intermittant chain - No response or Support for wallet issues so will be removed

Note: Snapshots have been taken of current account balances - We will be keeping the wallet.dat backups for these balances, if the chains or developer contacts can reach out to us via various methods open, we will work alongside to release coins back to accounts.