Project Removals - September 2019

Project Removals - September 2019

29 Aug, 2019 818 Altmarkets General
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The following projects will be removed from the exchange in accordance with our listing guidelines as shown at

As always, Altmarkets tries it's utmost to keep projects on the exchange and our guidelines are simple - If you are a developer/community member or trader that has an interest or would like to ask further questions in relation to this delisting please contact us via discord


   Project Name



  Delisting Reason



 July 25

 Dead Chain, No action from the development team to fix + Blockexplorer down



 April 10

 Advised  / Warned on trading volume, no improvement. Last trade 17th July.



 April 01

 No trades, Last trading activity 12/06/2019

 Watcher Bot


 April 05

 No trading volume, last trade 26/06/2019, trade before that (1) was 18/05/2019



 May 12

 Low trading volume, Last single trade > 4 weeks 01/08/2019



 July 12

 Low trading volume, Last single trade > 03/08/2019


Please remove balances for the above coins no later than 12th September 2019 (14 days) - P2C currently has a dead chain, this particular project will be backed up via a wallet and a further withdraw session will be opened on the exchange if the development team resurrect the project, this is still at the discretion of the exchange based on resources at the time this may happen.