Altmarkets Server Maintenance 23rd September 2019

Altmarkets Server Maintenance 23rd September 2019

21 Sep, 2019 1070 Altmarkets General
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At Altmarkets we are always aiming to achieve a better experiance for all our users, Part of this was announcing some major website upgrades and new services, We would now like to make you aware of the start of these changes.

Stage 1 will begin this coming Monday the 23rd of September 2019 around 9AM GMT and will involve the exchange being taken offline temporarily for around 8 hours total while we migrate to our new bigger / faster physical servers.
During this time, you will be unable to access the exchange while we copy over the databases and files, test everything is working again on the new servers and eventually re-enable services one by one, You will see the exchange coming and going offline and we ask you sit tight and await for us to announce the exchange move is complete on our social media channels.

Stage 2 will begin a few days later after allowing everything to settle from the move and will include staggered features (not exactly in this order):

  • Private API Access
  • Reduced Withdraw Fees to ALTM Holders
  • Reduced Trade Fees to ALTM Holders
  • More Services To Be Announced

We would like to thank you for your patience while we upgrade and roll out all the new features and welcome everyone to join us for further help and questions in our discord group:



AltMarkets Team