Hotbets (BETS) - AMA 24th May 2020

Hotbets (BETS) - AMA 24th May 2020

24 May, 2020 495 AMA
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Project: Hotbets (BETS)
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Decimals: 18
ERC20 Token



Q: Hello, to get things started would you like to tell us about HotBets and the token BETS?

A: Thanks for having me here! Hotbets is a new online casino where we link traditional casino games such as poker, dice and slots then we have added the functionality of it working alongside the ethereum network for payments. That’s where we bring in our token which we have trading with you guys now, BETS.

Q: So they use BETS as a way to pay for the games?

A: We have it setup so that you convert your BETS into casino credits which we have pegged to a price of 1,000 BETS per 100 casino credits...

It'll be easier to link if alright to a page on the casino which gives a little more detail and for readers sake

Q: Ah, makes a little more sense with that interaction, similar setup for moving casino credits back into BETS right if you win on any of the games.

A: Correct, we also have the option of converting ETH to BETS as well as a few other currencies coming online soon. The first of which will be DOGE…


Eventually once we get the casino going properly people using the games can convert casino credits into many other currencies all based on the same conversion rate.

so there will be no difference on using either when you change to credits.

Q: How do you make it fair?

A: All games are provably fair in a way that when someone uses the casino a random string is generated using an algorithm that's cryptographically done (and can be proven) which goes on to give the result you see on the game interface. You will be happy to know each game is recorded and we give you the full mathematics of how that game came to it’s result.

Just also like a traditional casino all games have a house pot which constantly increases so if by chance no one wins that’ll eventually get to a substantial amount because lets not forget that on games like poker there will also be the additional equation thrown into the mix of whether its a winning game or not and that’s user error!

Q: Interesting, I see you have a few games available currently on the casino, aremore planned?

A: Always, we have today just released a new slots game on the casino too which people are already trying out!

Q: Going back on the token usage, what's the benefit of using it opposed to another currency you accept on the casino?

A: When using BETS as a conversion option to Casino Credits you get an additional bonus compared to the other currencies and exactly the same bonus option on withdrawals too.

Q: Any other features to Casino itself apart from the games?

A: We have a full affiliate scheme where people that refer people to us not only get a bonus for each user they refer to, they also share commission with the casino from games played including games which are either lost or won.

This alongside our own promotional marketing we’d like to be in a position soon to announce a few features such as support for new currency options.

Q: Care to elaborate a little or is it something under wraps?

A: Instead of just focusing on bigger projects based on their market caps we are open to adding support for projects that are listed on exchanges such as yourselves as a currency option in the casino.
we are currently using the api also from coin payments as a gateway to broaden our options with what currencies we can accept.

Q: Branching out into our communities as well as giving those projects another use case then i guess?

A: Yea, exactly.

Q: Well i think we can wrap things up a little our side i'm sure you’ll fit in quite well on the exchange as a currency, i believe you are one of the first listed with us with such a use case that’s actually got a product online and our of the starting blocks.

For those interested do pop on by the discord for hotbets and do check the casino out

A: Ha! Well we like to have something which also we can work on and improve along the way but thanks for the questions and i’ll enjoy hanging around your community as we also grow.