August Project Removals Announcement

August Project Removals Announcement

08 Aug, 2020 480 Listings
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Projects listed with the exchange are constantly reviewed as each wallet hosted is an ongoing cost to the exchange and a demand on server resources, the following projects do not meet the listing guidelines to keep listed on the exchange.

At Altmarkets, we believe we have a fair and simple policy with simple terms to keep a project active and supported, we do not follow the general exchange terms of having X volume across a set period - we just simply ask for a nominal amount of trades (10) over a 14 day window as well as keeping in place links to markets from project websites or social channels including:

  • Links to any/all exchange pairings for the project on available social channels
  • Focal contact required via our Discord Channel for your Project at all times.
  • Minimum of 7 days notice must be given via the Community Developer Channel (on discord) for wallet updates / forks.

    Full guidelines can be found here

The following projects will be removed from the exchange please remove balances no later than 22nd August 2020, remaining balances will not be recoverable.



Federal Reserve Coin (FDR)
- Added March 15, 2019
- Last trade, 1st September 2019 (342 days....)

Bellcoin (BELL) 
- Added April 03, 2020
- Last trade, 21st June 2020 (50 days ago)

Bitcoin Fast (BTCF)
- Added February 01, 2020
- Last trade, 13th July 2020 (27 days ago)

Bitcoin Monkey (BTCM)
- Added May 12, 2020
- Last trade, 19th July 2020 (21 days)
Note: This project is also up for sale on an auction website which will result in a further breach of listing policy

Circuit (CRCT)
- Added August 20, 2019
- Last trade, 19th July 2020 (14 days) previous trading range has just 3 single trades over 10 weeks.

Dravite Flex (DRVF)
- Added September 19, 2019
Last Trade, 16th June 2020 (47 days)

Hondais (HNDC)
- Added April 12, 2020
- Last Trade, 1st July 2020 (32 days)
Note: This project has an intermittant blockchain, no response / feedback from developer - no guarantee of successful withdraw within delisting period.

Mintcoin (MINT)
- Added June 27, 2019
- Last Trade, 30th July 2020 - Previous trade, 9 weeks prior.
Note: Mintcoin has stability issues with its wallet, withdraw periods will be periodic.

Stablecoin (SBC)
- Added November 03, 2019
- Last trade, 8th July 2020 (32 days)


The following projects will be reviewed again within 2 weeks as they are meeting some but not all requirements to stay listed.

CTSC Crypto Trading Solutions
Zealium (NZL)
Scolcoin (SCOL)