Altmarkets is expanding.

Altmarkets is expanding.

26 Aug, 2020 1415 Altmarkets General
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Ever since the initial exchange was launched back in 2018 we have always envisioned to bring to our audience an exchange where people can trade all the upcoming and ‘new’ projects that are available to the market.

In the past few years, we have done that and many projects (among the hundreds) that have listed with us and started their own paths, it’s great to see Altmarkets both as an identity as well as a place for these projects to begin their own journey.

We are not binance, nor do we try to be.

Not the run-of-the-mill company with a few million dollars thrown into the mix, hence why we aim to be unique in what we offer.

Other exchanges exist, we know that. Not all exchanges give an opportunity to list a project for such a nominal fee or in most cases, an effort to actually get a trading option for any given currency.

We’re open, projects evolve and that’s how it should always be. Listing a project with Altmarkets should not be specifically for monetary gain but to show everyone else how they portray their own existence in this community.

This is why we keep our listing policy as open and both easy as possible -

The future…

Altmarkets will be undergoing an amendment on its codebase in which we can bring you a better experience overall.

Private API options

The ability to build upon the exchange itself is a massive leap in terms of adoption, here we can bring in additional key features such as our integration with hummingbot™.

Referral Structure

Refer friends and family to the exchange and gain an additional fee based on their trades.

Trading View integration

Trading view is the fastest way to follow markets, that’s why we have moved ahead with an integration of Trading view and it’s tools with Altmarkets for all markets as standard.

Additional security benefits

Altmarkets, Version 2.0 has additional benefits in terms of security. Each withdrawal is now broadcast via email as well as authenticated, adding a withdrawal for a cryptocurrency will now need to be confirmed as a beneficiary via email as well as via 2FA.

ALTM benefit & fee reduction scheme (uses case for 2018 moonboys)

Holding a balance of [ALTM] within your account will now give you upto a 25% reduction on withdraw fees from the exchange, more features are planned, this feature does not have any effect on our buyback scheme.

Current reward discount in place, 50,000 ALTM / 10% fee discount

Where do we go from here?

Altmarkets will be migrating to a new codebase and this will be done in a timescale of 3 months, the current exchange will still exist and operate as normal within this timeline.

There is no need of urgency to amend or remove balances from the exchange.

All current projects, currently listed with Altmarkets will be transferring over to our 2.0 version of the exchange, we will be opening up an account transfer scheme to migrate accounts.

Due to the setup of the accounts in terms of database options this process is not automatic, trades or order bids to the market will not be transferred - We will endeavor to contact and transfer all accounts with this process.

Thanks for your communication over the past few years, and we’re all looking forward to expanding on where Altmarkets can take us to.

Let’s showcase things…






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