September 2020 de-listing announcement

September 2020 de-listing announcement

28 Sep, 2020 441 Listings
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The following projects are to be removed from the Altmarkets exchange 12th October 2020, Please remove balances to personal wallets.


Why do we remove projects from the Exchange?

We like to operate a simple policy to keep projects listed at the exchange, however, due to exchange resources we periodically review all projects. We mainly focus on the following:

  • Working and stable blockchain
  • An average of 10 trades over the past 2 weeks activity window
  • Block explorer in place with the project website and social channels including links to the exchange markets


Full information on these guidelines can be found at



- Unannounced swap, no communication, or further contact from the development team.

Note: Currency has an inactive status on the exchange, for removal options please contact its development team

ZEAL Zealchain

- No explorer, stalled chain.
- Last trade 22:56:29 20/07/2020

BLES Blessing

- Removal at developer request

VCO Vouchercoin

- No explorer 
- Stalled / Intermittent chain
- Last trade 15:33:39 05/08/2020

LUCKY Luckybit

- Intermittent and Unstable chain
- Constant fork activity

Contact with the developer for assistance since 08/19/2020, no further action is taken or communication

LCV LastcoinVision

- Stalled Chain
- No Explorer
- Last trade 21:29:29 03/08/2020 BTC / 02:46:27 17/09/2020 DOGE

Remove balances no later than 12th October 2020, remaining balances will not be retrievable.