Project removals, October 2020

Project removals, October 2020

16 Oct, 2020 423 Listings
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We are to remove the following projects as they do not adhere to the listing criteria set out via

Balances of the should be removed from the exchange, no later than 23rd October 2020

KUBO Kubocoin
- Disabled on the exchange since June 2020 whilst the community awaits on information regarding the Project.
- KUBO Chain has constant issues, little to no effort is made by its development team.
- KUBO is undergoing a swap from the 19th October 2020, with an amendment to an ERC20 currency which is not going to be supported by Altmarkets, further details into this can be found via it's socials.
- Does not meet requirements for listing

Withdraws for this currency will be open once the team complies or responds to the exchange communication which as of yet has had zero response.

Please remove balances for the following projects no later than 30th October 2020. 


- Trades within the monitored period, 1 - Not meeting requirements for listing at Exchange
- Community dead, No contact between the development team for weeks.
- Does not meet requirements for listing.

AEX AeriumX Community
- Last trade 10th September 2020
- Community updated with a swap announcement, no information after 8 weeks. 
- Does not meet requirements for listing.

- Last trade 25th September, prior to that 27th August.
- Miscommunicated information about a swap, doesn't make further sense via community channels.
- Does not meet requirements for listing.

- Last trade, 21st August 2020
- Does not meet requirements for listing.

MCPC MobileCryptoPayCoin
- Last trade 26/09/2020
- Does not meet requirements for listing.